Our History

Bat Call Identification, Inc. is an environmental consulting company which specializes in bat surveys and related engineering needs. The company was founded in 2009 and our staff includes professionally trained biologists with graduate level research experience working with bats, as well as several other fields.


We have extensive experience in conducting both large and small scale bat surveys, as well as other types of environmental surveys (Bald Eagles, trees, frogs, etc.) We have been heavily involved in the surveying of large scale wind facilities, cell towers, pipe lines, military bases and transmission lines. This has allowed us to give our clients a sense of comfort when dealing with federal and state agencies regarding permitting. We have also dedicated our time to conducting hypothesis based research for federal and state governments as well as private companies.

Our Mission

Bat Call Identification was founded with the vision of protecting and learning about bats and the environment, providing affordable quality solutions for our clients, and conducting professional work while enjoying every minute of it. In order to accomplish this, we provide our clients with the best available data in order to make informed decisions and assist them in determining the financial and biological implications to the project.



Services Provided

  • Mist Net / Harp Trap / Cave / Mine Surveys
  • Acoustic Bat Surveys (Anabat / Full Spectrum)
  • Call Identification
  • Custom Software Design and GIS solutions
  • Acoustic / Mist Net Survey workshops example
  • Radio Telemetry Studies
  • Agency Consultation
  • Endangered Species Act(Section 7, 10)
  • Population Viability Analysis
  • Educational Outreach